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Our Work

Smithwick is a Professional Engineering company that specializes in confirming structural integrity of goods being lifted or transported. Our passion is providing value added engineered solutions to the lifting and fabrication markets. Industry experience; heavy construction, onshore/offshore, plants and refineries. We service the Gulf Coast Region with ability to service the Continental US. No project is too small for our services. We take pride in our impeccable client satisfaction records. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can expand your services.

Customer Testimonials

“I have been working with Smithwick Engineering for over a year now. Noah and Forrest have never failed me with the services they provide in fact I have seen my own sales revenue increase year over year due to their competitive pricing and willingness to work with me on projects. I am literally in communications with them on a weekly basis. You know it takes a long time to build a relationship with a customer when you have to depend on so many other vendors doing what they say they are going to do, Smithwick Engineering is my weekly easy button. These guys have always been there when I’ve needed them, nights are weekends. THANKS GUYS …..”

Eric Gipson
Account Manager

“Smithwick engineering is a valuable company with Hoist & Crane. They have helped us provide expert services for our Customers and always Professional.”

Clarence Hilton
Branch Manager

A New Way…

Engineers are known to be slow to deliver, complicated to work with and expensive to hire. We have destroyed that stigma by delivering pragmatic and simple solutions ahead of schedule and below budget.

Our core business is providing professional engineering services to hoist and crane service companies that provide onsite services for any industry requiring overhead cranes. This value-added relationship results with increase service capability to our clients. If you are interested in adding engineering in your service profile, please don’t hesitate to reach out and explore your options.

Our Process

To Get The Job Done

Step 1

Site Visit

If necessary, information is gathered by providing an Engineer onsite for dimensional survey and structural assessment.
Step 2

Design (drafting)

Ideas are conceptualized using computer aided design coupled with client input to ensure the proposed solution meets requirements.
Step 3

Engineering Review

Concept is analyzed according to applicable design requirements and the concept is modified as needed.
Step 4


The drawings or reports is submitted to client for preliminary review. Once agreed, the sealed package is resubmitted with PE stamp and approved for construction.
Step 5


Working in person with our trusted fabricators we routinely provide fabricated deliverables to our clients. This involves review of material traceability reports, weld inspections, quality control inspections and submitting data books as required.
Step 6
The final product can be delivered to your site no matter how big or small. We partner with national trucking companies that consistently deliver on time, safely and professionally.

Our Work

Become Part of Our Story

Industry standards that we follow for engineering and analysis:


    • Structural Analysis: ASME BTH-1, AISC, ASCE, API
    • Lifting Compliance: ASME B30.20, OSHA, DNV, API, ISO
    • Fabrication: AISC, AWS D1.1, AWS D14.1

Jib Crane Design

  • Capacity Determination or Upgrade
  • Custom Jib Design
  • Foundation Analysis
    • Rebar Scanning
    • Base Plate & Anchor Bolts
    • Footer Design
  • Shop layout design for optimized workflow
  • Turn-key Design and Fabrication

Bridge Crane Design

  • Capacity Determination or Upgrade
  • Structural Framing Design
  • Foundation Design (new or existing)
    • Base Plate & Anchor Bolts
    • Footer Design
  • Turn-key Design and Fabrication

Monorail Design

  • Capacity Confirmation
    • For Load Test
    • Client Drawing Records
  • Capacity Upgrade
  • Custom Design
  • Local and Global Analysis
  • Turn-key delivery for all solutions above

Spreader Bars

  • Any Type, Size or Capacity
  • Engineered for New-Build
  • Analysis of Existing
  • Full Turn-Key
    • Engr
    • Fab
    • Inspection
    • Pull Test
    • Paint
  • Rental

Crane Accessories

  • Powertrack supports

  • Catwalk Design

  • Fall protection

  • Ladder securement

  • Open hole covers


  • Fixed or Adjustable designs
  • Customized to specific requirements
  • Turnkey design and fabrication


  • Design of new and verification of existing
  • Necessary for crane upgrades and anchor bolt design
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) – 3rd Party Service

Baskets and Containers

  • Man Baskets
  • Tool Baskets and Skip Pans
  • Lifted Cargo Containers