Fabrication Engineering

In general fabrication, there are many areas where engineering support can make processes more efficient in both cost and time. Costs can be saved by efficiently sizing material and utilizing existing stocks on hand. Time is typically saved through standard fitting aid designs that eliminate the doubt and allow the craft to utilize a standard template to size yard padeyes and dog plates used during the fabrication process. Utilizing our engineering services during fabrication will also result in safer operations for your personnel and protection of your assets.

  • Fabrication Aid Sketches can be produced with short turnaround to assist in the fabrication process. The sketch can include a material sizing and specification or a weld detail that is required to resist an expected load during fabrication. These sketches are not issued as a formal drawing, but just as guidance for a supervisor to assist in his execution process. An example can be a wall thickness or material grade for a temporary support during fabrication when the supervisor is not comfortable sizing himself.

  • Temporary Support Systems can be specified to ensure your fabricated parts are properly supported in a shop or in the field. The calculations would ensure the load is properly supported to avoid overstressing or excessive deflections. If being supported on soil, then the ground conditions would be assessed to ensure excessive settlement will not impact your fitting process.

  • Standard Aid Drawings are issued as formal drawings that provide standard designs for varying capacities of padeyes or dog clips to be used during fabrication. These standard designs will allow the shops to pre-cut a quantity of padeyes or clips to have on-hand that can be selected and welded when needed. The design will be tailored to specific shop needs whether it be limitations on plate thickness or material grade, also including a range of capacities that are most commonly utilized in the shop or yard.

  • Fabrication Schedules: Beyond engineering, we offer project engineering services to ensure timely and efficient delivery of your products. We can develop standard field schedules in either Excel or MS Project that we can maintain or hand-off to your supervision to manage.

  • Constructability Reviews are integral with lifting and hoisting as the sequence of fabrication can be driven by the ability to move or flip partially fabricated components to allow for better access for welding. We can support in the early planning phased to assist in feasibility checks to determine if any temporary structural aids are required to support the construction sequence. Through exposure to many lift operations, we can also provide review of sequence or propose a more efficient sequence.

  • General Engineering Support covers any other fabrication support that requires analysis or calculations to make your operations more efficient and safe.